with poise.

Bucket, an initiative of Predicate, is
a consulting and research practice
dedicated to better digital personalization.

What does Bucket do?

Bucket provides services and tools to help digital teams act with purpose in effectively leveraging personalization technology. We deliver strategy, analysis, execution and management to make personalization efforts a success—in every setting, at any scale or budget.

Why Bucket exists.

Because personalization is hard, essential and evolving fast. (Disagree?)

Who is Bucket for? What are their challenges?

  • CXOs unsure how to invest intelligently in personalization technology
  • Digital decisionmakers trying to navigate the solutions marketplace
  • Product teams trying to scope and sequence personalized functionality
  • UX teams trying to design for emerging user interfaces, like bots 
  • Marketers trying to scale and deepen their performance marketing
  • Managers trying to govern and align with business operations 

Solutions we provide

Services span strategy + execution:
  • designing MVP-style personalized user experiences 
  • understanding the personalization landscape
  • developing a personalization program and content strategy
  • evaluating and selecting a technology provider
  • feature design + engineering
  • benchmarking and optimizing program performance

Scope of solutions

Personalization is a broad field:
  • personalized sites and apps
  • conversational user interfaces (voice/bots/messaging)
  • recommenders
  • notifications
  • omnichannel marketing 
  • growth, testing + optimization
  • predictive analytics

Let us navigate these areas with you, building your competence and confidence. We are on-call experts.

Why choose Bucket? 3 differentiators of deep expertise:

Bucket is genuinely independent and positioned to advise you judiciously.
  • Content subject matter expertise, the x-factor in personalization work. We understand how design and context impacts content ROI.
  • Information sciences rigor. In short, AI needs IA. Algorithms rely on architecture. We deliver a “smart” UX that weaponizes structured data.
  • Product-centric savvy in Bucket’s own progressive personalization techniques, closing the competitive gap and revealing incremental business opportunity, creating value even through modest efforts.

Ways to access Bucket online

Bucket includes...

This is Bucket, this overview site

Bucket is also:
Bucket Studio, a blog on our thinking
Bucket List, an email newsletter  

Bucket Brigade, a video interview series

Services at a glance

Bucket offers services geared to 3 stages of digital matury, based on your current capability in delivering personalized experiences.

Our thinking

You Don’t Need Personalization
So you say. A zoology of naysayers and naysaying.
Progressive Personalization: Designing a Better Personalized Experience
A framework to design for personalization today.
Notification Schemes are Raw or Cooked
There are two ways of looking at how to work with notifications. One is right.
Navigating the Personalization Gap: A 2017 Field Guide
Success in a personalization initiative requires understanding the solutions landscape—and the true place of your needs within it. 
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Jeffrey MacIntyre, Principal of Bucket Studio

An independent content-focused strategy consultant, and avowed information sciences obsessive, Jeffrey works at the crossroads of product development, user experience and information sciences.
Predicate, his consultancy, was founded in 2008; Bucket is new to late 2016.
Predicate’s focus is to define content offerings and build content operations.
His consulting, speaking and advisory work spans cultural institutions, startups, and the Fortune 50.

What people say

No, really. People say swell things.

"Jeffrey brought the exact perspective that our company needed ... a focus on illustrating how industry-standard metadata could improve product definition, feature development, and programming .... The results of his work provided our teams with a new viewpoint on how they might best organize themselves and unlock product opportunity with the Vimeo content library—past, present, and future."
—Brian O'Hagan, Director of Product, Vimeo

He is a joy to work with, and earns the trusted advisor role with clients by demonstrating profound listening and interpretive capabilities. This one goes to eleven.“
—Dan Klyn, Founder, The Understanding Group

“Jeff MacIntyre possesses the rare ability to contribute big-picture thinking coupled with the ability to parse the most granular elements of a project.”
—Melinda Belcher, Senior Director, Content Strategy, Mastercard

“He is truly a content, metadata and information architecture guru, thinking creatively past the many technical, legal and cultural challenges to propose clever, marketable product strategies to exploit the back-catalog. He is a joy to work with, and due to his rich professional experience, someone who deeply understands media and where it needs to go today.“
—Ariel Rey, Vice President, Viacom

Further testimonials are available upon request.

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Bucket Holdings is based in New York, with offices in the bucolic Hudson Valley. Hit us up:

291 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508


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