Introducing Bucket.

Bucket is an initiative (new to Predicate) to provide products, tools, perspective and community critical to the unfolding drive, alive in many organizations today, toward personalization.


The Bucket effort aims to enable new business and digital product opportunity through richer forms of discovery, more reliable structured data, elegant content handling, and better finished products and features. In nerd talk, it’s to help design the “IA for AI.” 


The ambition? To deliver reconfigurable, reusable solutions for information overload and content oversupply. To craft heuristic innovations to today’s crude algorithms, dopey AI, and primitive filters—combatting the user fatigue that stifles product potential and holds us all back.
The next wave of bots, recommenders and personalized experience is being designed now. Let’s make it better together.

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What's Bucket? 

Too much banter? Check out this overview.

Areas of Focus. 

Bucket will operate in three ways: product, editorial and consulting.


Proposed: There is a common set of tools and techniques that can drive powerful results for those leaning into personalized experiences, from bots to recommenders to AI.

Bucket will provide educational products, information and client-tested IP for your product team. 


What sort of solutions are available on the market, and how is success being measured?

Bucket will engage in original research and circulate the learnings of leading practitioners, providing a spotlight on what works and what’s next.


If your organization seeks coaching, guidance or a deep-digging practitioner, Bucket will be available to provide on-site strategy, analysis and execution services. We can assemble a team to deliver on your project needs, or resource a practitioner specialist.

Why Bucket? 

Here’s a backgrounder on how the Bucket idea came to be, and its connection to a career-long focus on the business of content. 

Jeffrey MacIntyre, Founder Guy.

An independent content-focused strategy professional, and avowed information sciences obsessive, Jeffrey consults at the crossroads of product development, user experience and information sciences. Predicate, his strategy consultancy, was founded in 2008; Bucket is new to late 2016.

Predicate’s focus is to define content offerings and build content operations. Clients cross sectors, with special depth in media and entertainment: Vimeo, News Corp, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Conde Nast, Yahoo!, A+E Networks, Cox Media, Washington Post Company, Thomson Reuters, Best Buy, Centers for Disease Control, American Museum of Natural History, University of Michigan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, JP Morgan. His consulting, speaking and advisory work spans cultural institutions, startups, and the Fortune 50. He has written for The New York Times, Wired and Slate.


More client testimonials on tap—just reach out!

"Jeffrey brought the exact perspective that our company needed ... a focus on illustrating how industry-standard metadata could improve product definition, feature development, and programming .... The results of his work provided our teams with a new viewpoint on how they might best organize themselves and unlock product opportunity with the Vimeo content library—past, present, and future."
—Brian O'Hagan, Director of Product, Vimeo

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